afl CATI Training Systems is an industry leader in the design and development of complete physics-based virtual visual environments. We are experienced in supporting today′s demanding requirements for Visual Systems. CATI Training Systems provides expertise in the production of high resolution correlated synthetic visual, sensor, and SAF 3D terrain databases. CATI′s X–IG®, EME®, and X–Gen® Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions provide high fidelity visualization for flight simulators as well as a variety of other training systems products used throughout the military, civil, and commercial as well as training industries.

CATI Training Systems has a long history of scientific advancement and customer support which is combined with substantial subject matter expertise, highly trained technical staff, state of the art facilities, and a history of successful performance. CATI Training Systems′ database and modeling production facility has completed and delivered world-wide databases comprising of high-resolution, correlated, and training capable virtual terrain.

Every system CATI has delivered provides unmatched user friendliness, open architecture, COTS tools and flexible interface options, all designed for ease of use, and low acquisition, overhead and life cycle support costs.

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X-IG® Image Generator

Real-Time Image Generator Rendering Engine

CATI′s image generator systems are the ideal choice for the visualization of simulation training systems. For over twenty years, CATI has been providing unparalleled rendering performance through advanced software algorithms and optimizations.

CATI′s X-IG® image generator is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product for PC-based visual simulations. X-IG is specifically designed around industry standard OpenGL®, a high-performance graphics Application Programming Interface (API), and OpenFlight®, the 3D standard format for the visual simulation industry.

X-IG® is designed to render real-time Out-the-Window (OTW) and sensor scenes for training and simulation, creating real-world high resolution photorealistic visual and sensor scenes. X-IG® includes complete physics-based modeling for atmospheric, NVG, DTV, and IR simulations. X-IG® additionally includes special effects which complement the image generator enhancing scenes.

Currently in use with various military, civilian, and commercial customers, X-IG® provides high-fidelity visualization for flight simulators and a variety of other training systems. Advanced data compression, optimization, and paging algorithms allow X-IG® to render high-density, geo-specific databases of unlimited coverage.

Environmental Modeling Editor (EME®)

Environmental Modeling Editor for Rapid Database Enhancement

CATI′s Environmental Modeling Editor (EME®) software is the perfect solution for the rapid enhancement of X-IG® databases, allowing the end user to simply select and place features within the training environment in minutes.

Stenciling- In real-time, X-IG® and EME® will cut, stitch, and smooth the underlying terrain to allow the user to seamlessly and easily add custom or generic airfields to existing geo-specific terrain databases.

Increased Realism - EME® provides the capability to achieve unmatched realism for navigation and orientation cues, final approaches, pattern references, and visual check points.

Real-Time Editing - EME® suite provides a user friendly, real-time integrated viewer and access to several feature libraries containing various cultural models and features. Data elements are added using a drag and drop interface and can subsequently be scaled, moved, rotated and then saved to small, easily distributed data files. The addition of new airports, terminals, and airfield features and the populating of entire urban scenes including buildings has never been this easy.

Cost Savings - EME® lets you freely and continually update airfields and training areas of interest without incurring the high cost and lengthy delays associated with republishing training databases. EME® was designed to meet emerging FAA/JAA standards as simulator certification dictates.

X-Gen® Generic Unmanned Aircraft System Trainer

High Fidelity Unmanned Systems Simulation

CATI has designed a High-Fidelity Virtual Training and Testing System focused on the unique requirements of the commercial/civil community. X-Gen® incorporates the latest technology for training payload and air vehicle operators from basic through full-operational, location-specific training, and rehearsal procedures.

X-Gen® is based on CATI′s proven image generator software for real-time scene rendering of the sensor views. X-Gen® also has an open architecture design which provides a programmable 6-DOF aero-model that supports any air vehicle control, menus, cued symbology, and 2D map display.

X-Gen® is scalable to run on a laptop, desktop, or full Ground Control Station configuration. Users have the capability to design and train on custom scenarios as well as add future updates.